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Gira and sustainability
Report 2017

Elements of the system Management systems are indispensable instruments in everyday business as they provide a basis for sustainable, methodical action. It is important to find systems that are optimally tailored to the individual requirements of a company. For this reason, in future, Environmental Management in compliance with DIN EN ISO 14001, Occupational Safety Management in compliance with OHSAS 18001 and Energy Management in compliance with DIN EN ISO 50001 are to be linked with the previously introduced Gira Quality Management System in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001. "The advantage is that these new systems can be integrated into our existing, higher-level Quality Management System. Energy Management can also be combined with it," explains Gerrit Lotz, who as Head of Safety and the Environment is responsible for setting up the Environment and Occupational Safety Management Systems. The aim of all efforts is to achieve comprehensive interaction of all systems and create an integrated management system. This is what Gira is currently working on. A higher-level Management Manual on this topic is being drawn up. In future it will formulate the policies and goals of the respective management systems. As a next step, a system analysis is required in which independent external auditors investigate to which extent the establishment of the integrated management system meets the requirements for certification. If their assessment is positive, auditing for certification can follow.










Gerrit Lotz [Head of
Safety and the Environment]

Dietmar Daszkiewicz
[Head of Facility


Introduction of certified management systems

Monitoring and optimisation of the buildings facilities (heating, power consumption, cooling)

Lowering energy costs and CO₂ emissions by switching to LED lighting.

Energy management - an example How management systems contribute to the systemisation of sustainable conduct in companies is shown by our approach to improving energy efficiency, on which a separate Gira project team has been focusing since 2014. "We want to introduce an Energy Management System in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001. A great deal of preparatory work has already been achieved through our Quality Management System and also through our Environmental Management System. This is an excellent basis to build upon," comments Dietmar Daszkiewicz, Head of Facility Management. The team is currently gaining a systematic overview of all energy consumption in the company and its individual divisions. By the end of December 2015 we had examined all major consumers – around 60 to 100 systems – and evaluated their energy consumption.

Boosting efficiency Based on the consumption measurements and analysis, the team develops methods to improve energy efficiency in the company. To this purpose Gira has already started initial projects, such as switching to LED lighting. Last year, one production hall was therefore already fully re-equipped with energy-saving and long-lasting lamps. This new measure alone means a reduction in energy costs of around 20,000 euros a year. At the same time the reduction in energy requirements means lower carbon dioxide emissions. Currently, the replacement of lamps in the next production hall is being planned. At the beginning of 2016, systematic monitoring and energy optimisation of additional building facilities will be included, with particular emphasis on heating, ventilation and cooling. To drive the overall development of the Energy Management System further forwards, an Energy Manager is to be appointed in the near future.


Dietmar Daszkiewicz
[Head of Facility

Thomas Haupt [Head of

Giancarlo Paasch
[Member of the
Maintenance Team]

Heike Henze
[Deputy Head of

Rainer Pütz [Head of
Industrial Engineering]

Ute Wellershaus

Andreas Schulte
[Head of
the Plastics Centre]

Gerrit Lotz [Head of
Safety and the Environment]

Fig.: Giancarlo Paasch from the Internal Energy Management Team is also responsible for the installation of the energy meters in the company.




Gira and sustainability
Report 2017