We take responsibility for the future

Shaping the future means assuming responsibility today. The key to this lies in practising sustainability. This is both a personal attitude and a concern of the heart – for the company as a whole and for each and every one of its employees. Creating and upholding a balance of economic, ecological and social responsibility is a challenge we embrace as a continuous process. We dedicate constant efforts with the aim of inspiring our fellow human beings – every day and on all corporate levels.

In the future, we want to commit ourselves even more clearly to this cause. Through fairness and respect, the preservation of environmental resources, and economic efficiency, we aim to set the course for our successful future. We therefore accept this responsibility with initiative, competence, and pride.


Fresh air, lush green fields, clean water – we do more than just protect the idyllic landscape for future generations. As a manufacturing company, we pay particular attention to environmental needs. We are firmly committed to further reducing the consumption of resources and harmful emissions and avoiding environmental pollution to the greatest extent possible. The use of renewable energies and resource-saving solutions is another core concern for Gira. With an ever-growing number of intelligent products, we simultaneously offer people the opportunity to make a personal contribution to climate protection.


Our employees are our strength. As a family-run company, we are deeply aware of this and treat all of our staff with respect and appreciation. As an inherent part of Gira's corporate philosophy, social responsibility is not just an empty phrase. It is a core value that is practised and embraced every single day. Equal opportunity, freedom and support for individual development, the reconciliation of work and family life, healthy working conditions, the promotion of positive co-existence and fair remuneration – our responsibility for our staff speaks for itself. Our fellow citizens are also at the heart of our product development: Gira stands for intelligent building technology with functional design and tangible value that makes life safer and more convenient. Despite our international perspective, we remain faithful to our roots. At Gira, social and cultural commitment to our region is a way of life.


Quality, innovative leadership and sophisticated design are the cornerstones of Gira's consistent growth. As a family-run company, we have proven since 1905 that "Made in Germany" is a success story with a future. In order to ensure it stays that way, we continually invest in development and production, in addition to education and advanced training. We are convinced that lasting success can only be the result of using resources intelligently, protecting the environment, and assuming social responsibility.






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