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Gira and sustainability
Report 2017

What do you think is a responsible company, Mr Giersiepen?

Dirk Giersiepen states, A responsible company produces reliable products that are geared to the future and always focuses on its customers. In doing so it must always keep an eye on the social and ecological effects of its activities and integrate new demands into its service process.

Dirk Giersiepen, Managing Partner

Mr Bulitz, what are the main challenges that Gira has to face?

Alfred A. Bulitz: The challenges for us – as all companies in a competitive market – are to select and successfully implement the strategies that allow us to harmonise economic and sustainability goals. The aim is to make the same products with less use of material and energy and therefore at lower cost and also achieve progress on a social level. This is, however, anything but trivial. Positive results have already been achieved by the consistent use of modern technologies. For long-term success the improvement of resource efficiency also requires the improvement of our innovative power.

Alfred A. Bulitz, Managing Director

Mr Musial, why do you believe that Gira will master the social challenges?

Thomas Musial: At Gira projects and tasks are handled with great care to achieve a high level of quality. This performance together with a responsible corporate culture leads to the right solutions. This is something I'm sure of. I think that the projects described here also demonstrate this fact. They were and are implemented and driven forward by our employees with great creativity and initiative.

Thomas Musial, Managing Director

In which direction will networking of buildings develop in the next few years?

Christian Feltgen: "Only smart home systems that are as safe as possible, easy to operate, can be updated and offer a high degree of compatibility - in other words, technology that serves people - will prevail in the long run. And systems that provide real added value to the user in day-to-day life.

Christian Feltgen, Managing Director



Gira and sustainability
Report 2017