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Gira and sustainability
Report 2017

Framework of sustainable business management In our management system "We take responsibility for the future", we have formulated the principles of our corporate culture as a central chapter. This mainly focuses on the responsible conduct of each individual as well as fair and reliable interaction with one another.


Guiding concepts of the corporate culture Four values are highlighted. The first is responsibility. This means that all employees take responsibility for what they do and say but also for what they have not done or said. Conflicts must always first be solved where they occur. Commitment is another important requirement of positive actions. To this purpose it is important to make concrete agreements and to keep to these. Everyone involved in a decision process should contribute their own arguments. Decisions that have been made must be implemented. Each individual's willingness to change is also of significance for our corporate culture. Employees should actively support changes and face a problem with the will to solve it. Respect is another value that is required, as positive, appreciative cooperation is based on treating others with respect at all times. This also includes the guiding principle: I will be critical of facts, but not of people. These values are important to develop a corporate culture characterised by fair interaction and the willingness to assume social responsibility. They are therefore a major element of sustainable conduct.



What is a
"corporate culture"?

Each company has
its specific culture
that has evolved from common
values, standards and
attitudes of the
organisation members
and therefore also influences
actions and conduct.

Corporate culture at

The corporate culture
at Gira is
hallmarked by cooperation in the
organisation as well as its
external image.
Our understanding of
collaboration and
management is, for example,
in our book "We take responsibility for the future".



Gira and sustainability
Report 2017