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Gira and sustainability
Report 2017

Gira and Radevormwald have been intricately united for more than 100 years. Shortly after its foundation in 1905, the young, Wuppertal-based company moved to Radevormwald, which has been its home since 1910. Shaped by tradition and continuity, this relationship not only enables employees to make long-term life plans, but also aids them in the reconciliation of work and family, thus also forming the basis of Gira's international success. There are countless reasons as to why Gira, as one of the main employers in the region, wants to maintain its regional workforce in the future.

Its firm commitment to the Radevormwald location has now been strengthened even more through the plans for a new building in the industrial zone. "We believe that achieving excellence with the "Made in Germany" title amidst global competition is still possible today. We are convinced that the higher labour costs in comparison with other international locations can be compensated by the concentration of expertise and manufacturing, coupled with the opportunity of optimal collaboration in Radevormwald," states Dirk Giersiepen, Managing Partner and fourth-generation descendant of the company's founders Gustav and Richard Giersiepen. "The strong identification of our employees with Gira and their unique dedication to the company is also intertwined with our deep roots in the region. This is why Radevormwald will remain our administrative, sales and manufacturing headquarters in the future," highlights Giersiepen. He adds that the leading position amidst global competition can only be achieved if every employee, be it the manufacturing workforce, management, or managing director, always gives their very best. "In order to succeed against global competition, we want to play at Champions' League level – and this is certainly more fun than a relegation battle. With precisely this motivation, we can also secure the successful future of our company, our employees, and the region," concludes Giersiepen.


Regional loyalty for more than 100 years

A reliable basis for family and career planning

Clear commitment to "Made in Germany" production

Confidence in regional experts



Gira and sustainability
Report 2017