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Gira and sustainability
Report 2017

Gira is a committed member of the German Sustainable Building Council DGNB e.V. After all, one thing is certain: a future worth living requires sustainable planning and action. Things that are built today still need to be contemporary tomorrow. With sustainable building, apartments, houses, commercial buildings, and infrastructure can be designed to ensure that people can continue to live and work in them as part of their healthy and happy future. This is why future-oriented concepts need to be developed together whilst raising awareness in society. In addition to the social objectives, the core aim is to protect the environment. One of the main challenges is conserving resources and achieving further advances in climate protection. Therefore, increasing the positive influence its products have on energy efficiency is a particular concern of Gira in order to contribute to the further improvement of the energy balance of buildings.

In the DGNB, these efforts are promoted by various companies and industry experts through the collaborative development of concepts and visions. As a member of DGNB, Gira wants to actively use its deep-rooted know-how and future vision in the area of technical building equipment (TBE) to provide inspiration and receive suggestions and feedback.


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Gira and sustainability
Report 2017