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Gira and sustainability
Report 2017

Gira has been working with the Caritas workshops in Arnsberg for over ten years. "It all began in 2001 when we were looking for somewhere to manufacture aluminium frames for the Gira Esprit switch range. After a few rejections, one aluminium processor suggested that we enquire at the Caritas workshops in Arnsberg," explains Jan Antrecht, strategic metal purchaser at Gira.

Finding the Caritas workshops was a stroke of luck, and soon the collaboration was extended further. Nowadays, the Caritas staff also produces metal parts, such as the stainless steel front panel for the door station and the design cover plate for Gira Control 9 and 19. "The Caritas workshops are an extremely reliable and trustworthy partner. Many underestimate the volume of services provided there. Nevertheless, the high-quality work is as self-evident there as it is at Gira,' highlights Antrecht. In addition to metal processing, Gira now commissions the workshops with product assembly, packaging tasks and, if necessary, sorting work.

The Caritas workshops in Arnsberg employ people with intellectual disabilities. Employees are carefully introduced to the work and trained further. Over the past ten years, the establishment has grown considerably. Some 660 people currently work there. Collaboration for Gira is of great importance to the organisation: the company is the largest client and also represents an important reference. "The staff isextremely proud of their work," reports Antrecht. For the facility's open house days, Gira is happy to provide some of its products as exhibits. Although only individual parts are manufactured in Arnsberg, this gives the workshops the opportunity to display finished products and show the significant role their work plays. After more than seven years of collaboration, Antrecht gives a very positive summary: "Our partnership has repeatedly proven its success and will certainly be continued – it's a win-win situation for both parties."


Largest employer for Caritas workshops in Arnsberg

Assignment of contracts for metal processing, product assembly, packaging and sorting



Gira and sustainability
Report 2017